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In 2024 the Canteen will again provide a great range of menu items, including Gluten free items, healthy snacks, fresh foods and freshly cooked dishes. It is open Monday to Friday for students to obtain crunch & sip, lunch and recess.

The Canteen is managed by the P&C Executive Committee. The Canteen Manager runs the Canteen with the aid of four Assistants and the invaluable help of school parents who volunteer their time once a month

Class Birthday Celebrations

Did you know you can order chocolate cake or iceblocks through the Lunch Box?  Birthdays have never been so easy!  

Register or update your child's class at Brochures are available at the Canteen.

How Does It Work?

Go to and click "Register Now" in the Login Box. Then enter your student's name, school and class, and add funds (say $50) into a pre-paid account. You can log into the website at any time to place orders from Monday to Friday, orders close at 8.45am. As purchases are made, the funds are taken from your pre-paid account. The account can be topped up again in the same way, or set to automatically top-up via credit card when the balance falls below a pre-set minimum. Each order is sent automatically to the kitchen, where an easy-to-read label is produced with the student's name, class and order details. In this way students can utilize the Canteen without the need for cash. Crunch & sip, recess and drink orders are collected by the child at the Canteen and lunch orders are delivered to the classroom.

2024 Canteen Menu Term 2 & 3

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