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As part of Literacy at Caringbah North, LiteracyPro software is used to assess the independent reading level of students in Years 3 to 6. Students use the result of this assessment to borrow from the library for home reading at their individual comprehension level (Lexile level +/- 50 points). Students can then access comprehension quizzes on the books they read at home by accessing the LiteracyPro website.

 Students complete the comprehension assessment at the beginning of each term which (generally) moves them along the comprehension continuum, providing feedback to students and invaluable information to teachers at an individual and group (class) level. Whole class, grade, stage and school (3-6) results provide an evolving picture of the development of reading within the school allowing for targeted intervention and extension.

 Additional information about the LiteracyPro software can be found at: